The Taste of White Hat

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I got an invitation to try out The White Hat, an Italian Frozen Yogurt station in SM Mall of Asia and seeing at how a scrumptious dessert can be 98% fat free (you need that extra 2% still you know!), I wanted to try it out. I've also seen great reviews over at Pass The Sauce and also over at Arpee's and got further intrigued. So last Monday, after my photoshoot, I passed by The White Hat for a sweet treat.

Basically, it's a yogurt station where you choose your yogurt size (regular for Php 85 and large for Php 115) then choose your toppings. They've got their homemade granola (yumm!), ube jelly, mangoes, mandarin oranges, cereal, cranberries, raisins, strawberries, honeydew melon, chocolate drops, marshmallows, and grapes just to name a few. Ooh just mentioning them makes me want to go there right now... stormy rain and floods andall

The staff are very friendly and even shared me the bestseller tips. I opted for this combination of a regular-sized yogurt, mangoes, ube jelly, and granola ( a personal tip from the staff). Yeah go healthy pinoy!

He opted for a sweeter combo of honeydew, dark chocolate chips, and cashew nuts

Now I know why it's called The White Hat! Look at the shape - just like a white hat! Cute!

I love the creamy texture of the yogurt. At first, I thought it was ice cream but I get this tart taste that's quite yummy, just like your regular fruit yogurt. Since mine was mango, it reminded me of my regular mango yogurt but I got the crunch from the granola. The ube jelly was another interesting treat, i get the sweet, creamy flavor without the fibers. The whole medley in itself of all the flavors is really great.

Oh, and I'm also lactose intolerant, and this stuff did not send me running to the bathroom and I still had enough to get from the other cup. Yummmmm!!!!!!!

This is one treat that's a treat to the eyes (looks nice), the tastebuds (the flavors), and the health!

(The White Hat is located at Level 2 Entertainment Mall at the SM Mall of Asia.)


arpee lazaro said...

nice post! thanks for the link back. i have no other way of contacting you but through your blog. i wanted to know if you are free on august 28 6pm to 9pm? i don't know if you have already confirmed your attendance to the san miguel octoberfest launch party to be held at the san miguel headquarters in ortigas 6pm to 9pm. please email me back if you have not confirmed. hope to hear from you!

Bambi said...

arpee! hellow! sige will check my sked then will email you back! :-)