Pampered by the Richmonde Hotel

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Got to spend the night at the presidential suite at the Richmonde Hotel for work. Not only did we just stay there but, but we also got to dine (breakfast and diner) at the Richmonde Grill.

Dinner: Shrimp Tagliatelle. Yummmm!

Cream pesto sauce with fresh shrimp. Yummm!!!!!!! It was a bit heavy though, but it filled me and prepped me for work quite nicely.

Despite my pre-sunrise snack of Tortillos and milk tea, I, along with the crew still had buffet breakfast at the same place:

Just a warm-up.... not to worry...

Braised veggies with tofu, wheat bread, and assorted cheeses.

Not in picture and in my tummy: tapsilog, sapin-sapin, fresh fruits, french toast, and cereal.

The Richmonde Grill crew was also prompt and alert. They went to each table assisting each customer. There was a waiter with a pitcher of coffee and tea. After I refused coffee and asked for tea instead, he poured the warm tea on my teacup. I requested for nonfat milk. They had creamer. I was okay with that. Seconds later, they haded our table a saucer with packets of creamer. Very very efficient! They're always there on call when you need them, and they're even there to assist you when you have no idea what the foods are.

Whaddya know, when we got up, we had complementary snacks, sandwiches, fries, and iced tea/coffee to nourish us as we went by working in our photoshoot.

View from the window as the sun starts to rise:

Thanks to the crew for choosing The Richmonde Hotel as our place of stay!