A Light Roasted Dinner

Friday, September 19, 2008

On my plate last Wednesday Night.

Since I was already stuffed coming from an event, I wanted something light so we ordered a roast platter and I had a jellyfish salad too

Love the Roast! Our table got this to share....

and my jellyfish salad

I don't really eat century egg but I wolfed down the Jellyfish salad. It was disaapointing though, when I saw that it only had a little on the plate. Presentation wise, not bad. But I was bitin. I like the taste though. Jellyfish actually has this interesting taste that I like

The platter was a feast as well. Since it was one of Good Earth Roast specialties, it was cooked to perfection. The ginger and chili sauce go well with the cuts. A definite must on my plate next time I go there.

Anyone care to share their light dinners?


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