Thesugarbug loves Lipton Milk Tea to Give Her Energy

Friday, September 19, 2008

I like the title 'coz it rhymes. Heee!

A few months ago, before this blog came to be, I, along with a few other bloggers, were fortunate enough to attend a Lipton and Body Shop Blogger's event where we were pampered not with yummy Bizu munchies, given our favorite Body Shop freebies, but also, we got a taste of Lipton Milk Tea. I was already a fan of milk tea even before I started doing makeup professionally. This is one of the food discoveries I've had during our food trips back during the day when I used to work. It's actually been around for quite a while and here it is for me to share in my food blog.

I present to you, Lipton Milk Tea.

Wth healthy lifestyle being the "in" thing today, it's really nice to know that new varieties of healthy drinks are coming up. For me, it's a good way of promoting health without the preachy aspect. Remember how some of us get traumatized when we were "forced" to eat vegetables? You know what I mean. Plus look at the main color - YELLOW! Definitely very inviting, very cheery, very sunny, very summery. In fact, the color of the day during the event was YELLOW! It's like the tea cups were saying "Drink me! I'm healthy! I make you pretty and happy!" In a sweet fairy godmother tone.

Actually, I'm a tea lover now that I'm embracing a healthy, zen lifestyle to balance my on-the-go high energy and entrophy side. For one thing, tea has a way of calming me down especially after a long day. Remember in the spas we're served teas after a massage? It sort of seals everything in and relaxes the body more. After a heavy and fatty meal, I always like a cup of tea to help calm down my tummy especially since I do have a history of hyperacidity. I love tea after a yoga session. When I'm sick, a nice hot cup of ginger or peppermint tea helps me feel better.

What I like about tea is that it has this way of making me feel good while giving me that energy jolt I need for that extra stretch of work. Actually, the dorky side of it explaining that is tea actually has a naturally-occuring amino acid called theanine, which naturally stimulates activity in the brain called alpha waves resulting in a relaxed but alert mental state. So when there's work to be done, I can do it with a calm mindset rather than all jittery and jumpy. It's like getting the job done while being calm and focused. Imagine finishing a deadline all nerves and shackles. Haggard 'no 'te?

Summing it up here's a perfect equation:

Milk + Tea = Refreshingly good!

I mean when I tasted it first, it's got that kick a tea has, that bitter herbal taste but there's the mellowness and creamy-sweet taste of milk. Lipton milk tea tastes also like real, brewed milk tea from scratch - not artificial or medicine-like. I can even take this on an empty stomach. Say, I need something to warm me up before a crack-of-dawn shoot. I might pack this since I have an overnight shoot! (Mental note: Run to the grocery and get yourself a box of Lipton Milk Tea).

I actually prefer this hot, since I like the warmth it gives on my stomach. When it's a hot day, serving it cold (with ice!) could be a good choice. I can even take a packet with me along with a heatproof mug and make one before I start doing makeup or on-the-go.

Take a look at this picture:

The sugar bug definitely loves her Lipton Milk tea up to the point that she would have drank the cup clean down to the subatomic particles of Lipton Milk Tea had she been gifted with a proboscis.